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eShield is a revolutionary new type of insulation and it is unlike any other product on the market today. Developed out of the space program it was originally designed for use in space suits. eShield technology reflects 97% of the radiant heat transfer. eShield reflects radiant heat out in the summer and back to the warm side in the winter. But what is radiant heat?

As an example if you had two identical refrigerators and you put one in the sun and one in the shade the refrigerator in the sun would use more energy. With the temperature being the same the outside surface of the refrigerator in the sun could easily reach 120 degrees. Obviously this refrigerator would use more energy although it is well insulated. The heating of the refrigerator surface is a perfect example of RADIANT heat transfer. If this refrigerator was wrapped in eShield the surface would only vary by a few degrees.

Attic insulation & Radiant Heat Barrier work together in both hot and cold climates to make homes more energy efficient and comfortable.

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