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So, you’re doing a little “window” shopping. Choosing the right windows and entry doors is just part of the process — installation is equally as important. Our factory trained installers take every step necessary to ensure our customers a fast, reliable installation of their energy efficient windows and doors. Whether you select Procraft Home Products or another local window contractor, there are a few things to be aware of when choosing a replacement window:

Be certain to choose a window that utilizes 100% virgin vinyl. Purchasing a window made from recycled vinyl will result in dull, dingy yellow looking mainframes and sashes after only a few short years and will ultimately need to be replaced again.

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Our replacement windows are manufactured from 100% pure virgin vinyl, ensuring our windows will never peel, crack, blister or need painting. The benefit to you is a vinyl window that will be beautiful for a lifetime.

Always ask “How are the corners assembled?”

Some windows on the market today offer what is known in the industry as a “screwed and glued” corner section of the mainframe and sashes. Unfortunately, the repeated operation of a window wears out the screws and weakens the glued corners. As you can well imagine after a few short years of use windows constructed this way simply will not last. Out of square sashes, seal failures, and difficulties with operation of the window are just a few of the problems.

Our corners are fusion- welded. The four- point welded corners are true and square corners nearly as strong as the vinyl itself and will operate correctly for many years. Perfectly square corners offer a tighter fitting replacement window, increasing energy efficiency, making your home more comfortable.

How is the glass made?

Most replacement windows on the market today pretty much look the same, they are white, move up and down and tilt in for easy cleaning. But when you think about it, 80% of the window is glass and is something that must not be over looked! You may think because most windows on the market offer clear glass, it is the right way to go. This couldn’t be further from the truth! This is something that should be avoided at any price! Clear glass offers very little energy efficiency and you may as well save your money and leave in your current windows.

There have been many advancements in glass production over the years. Today with low emissivity (Low E) along with the various gas fills such as argon and krypton, Procraft Home Products can equip your home with energy efficient windows making your home more comfortable, all while saving money on heating and cooling bills.

What seals the glass units?

We have all seen that foggy stained looked between what used to be a sealed pane of glass. This is what is known as seal failure. When this occurs it is nearly impossible to see through the windows and any insulating value the window may have had no longer exists.

Procraft utilizes an advanced spacer system called Super Spacer. This system is guaranteed for life against seal failure, meaning the window will not “fog” up saving you money in energy costs all while keeping your home more comfortable.

How durable are the screens?

Standard in the industry for screen frames is to use what is known as roll formed. This method of manufacturing screen frames is considerably inexpensive. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is very appropriate here! The aluminum used in a roll formed screen process is normally quite thin which makes the screen frames very flimsy. Many replacement window companies choose to use a cheaper aluminum meshing or a lightweight nylon material for their screens. These materials will not hold up to the outside elements.

At Procraft you can choose from full or half screens. Our screens are made from extruded aluminum. The process of creating an extruded aluminum screen frame is accomplished by pushing aluminum heated to a high degree through the opening of a die cast machine. The biggest advantage of extruded screen frames is the thickness of the aluminum making the material less likely to bend. Extruded screen frames are much stronger and are guaranteed to last.

Procraft Home Products has many styles and options to choose from including double hungs, casements, sliders, bay and bow windows, awnings, garden windows, basement hoppers and sliding glass window walls.

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