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Are you looking for roofing services in Toledo, Ohio? We look forward to earning the opportunity to provide you with a thorough roof estimate for your home. With that in mind, we are pleased to provide any information in our efforts to educate homeowners about roofing as well as roofing contractors. Call us at 419.475.9600 when looking for roofing services in Toledo, Ohio and surrounding areas.

OC Roofing Contractor in Toledo, Ohio

Your home’s roof is the first line of defense against the brunt of all the weather Mother Nature serves up here in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

When doing research on roof contractors and roofing services, there are many things to take into consideration. One of the biggest factors to a successful roof project is the installation process.

Hiring a reputable roofing contractor is essential to protect the investment of your home. A good place to start is finding a local roofing contractor that has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Any contractor roofing today should be happy to provide a free estimate.

How do I select my roof?

To help you pick out the color selection that will best match your house and your personality, Owens Corning enlisted famed color design expert Leatrice Eiseman to design color palettes to fit your style. To learn more click on the Color Compass button below.

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What do you get when you use a Platinum Preferred Contractor?

OC Platinum COntractor

“The workmanship of Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors is protected for years to come with the Owens Corning Platinum Promise” Limited Warranty. This warranty is available exclusively through Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors, whose craftsmanship is fully supported by Owens Corning, a trusted, well-established leader in the industry. No other roofing contractor can offer you this Platinum level of assurance for a job well done.

Is my Roofing Contractor Insured?

Many homeowners mistakenly believe their homeowners’ insurance policy covers any accidents while work is being done on their homes. This is not the case, once you hire someone to work on your home you become the general contractor which requires you to have the necessary liability insurance on the workers you hired. Any personal or property damage that could occur leaves the homeowner responsible. It is crucial to hire a local roof contractor with all the necessary state license and insurance requirements.

What is Re-Roofing? How many roofs are allowed?

Many homes had shingles installed over old existing roof materials commonly referred to as a re-roof. In many cases roofing companies installed over the existing cedar shake roof. State code requires that two layers of roofs is the maximum allowed. Therefore if your home has two layers of roofing it will have to be removed and a new roof installed directly to the wood decking.

A proper roof inspection should include an attic inspection. This allows the estimator to determine if there is any rotted wood or a roof leak that cannot be seen from the top of the roof.

It is clearly better to know all the roof repair costs up front rather than have a surprise half way through the job. A professional roof installer will make you aware of all the costs up front. A thorough roof inspection as well as inspection of the attic space ensures that the scope of all work can be included in the written estimate.

The Components of a Roof fall under Five Basic Categories:

  • Shingles: made from various materials including asphalt, slate, metal, aluminum, copper, wood shake, and tile.
  • Sheathing: wood fastened to the roof rafters of the building.
  • Structure: rafters or trusses to support the sheathing.
  • Flashing: material installed in valleys and joints to prevent water seepage.
  • Drainage: layout of the roof to provide adequate water shed.

Do Asphalt Shingles make for a good Roof?

Many homes in the United States are equipped with asphalt shingles. Advancements in the shingle manufacturing process have incorporated fiberglass for purposes of reinforcement. These advancements have allowed for substantial increases in the warranty.

Proper ventilation is critical for the life of the shingle as well as the sheathing (wood deck) of the roof system. This ventilation is accomplished by allowing proper air intake circulation from the soffits of the home allowing exit thru the ridge vent.

A roof system lacking proper ventilation will result in built up moisture in the attic which leads to mold and eventually rotted wood decking and rafters. This lack of ventilation will also result in premature aging of the shingles.

Along with proper ventilation of the roofing system is proper installation of attic insulation. For more information see our page on Proper Installation of Attic Insulation.

What about Roof Leaks?

Many roof leaks are the result of improper flashing around protrusions through the roof such as chimneys, soil stacks and roof to wall sections. Many inferior subcontractors rely on roof tar to seal these areas. Roof tar is nothing more than a band aid at best; relying on this product is guaranteed to fail. A properly flashed roof relies on pipe boots for soil stacks and chimneys that are flashed and counter flashed with metal.

A new roof properly installed will provide for many years of service. Advances in roofing technology today have made way for exceptional roof warranties. Many of these warranties exceed 50 years. Some roofing systems allow for a lifetime warranty.