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Why You Should Go For Metal Roofs

You Can Trust The Long Lifespan of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are generally extremely long lasting and highly resistant to even the very harsh weather conditions you may have and will experience in your lifetime. Your metal roof can against all odds last up to 50 years without issues beyond repair.

Minimal Maintenance Needed

It’s very comforting to know that metal roofs unlike many other roofs need just little maintenance. Clean-up and regular repairs are not necessary as they firmly and effortlessly resist mold, insect damage and rot.

Its High Reflectivity Capability Is Second To None

It is proven that a typical metal roof can reflect as much as 70% of sun rays which makes for a much cooler and comfortable home. If the metal roof is the type that is coated with a special reflective coating, be sure to have more than 70% reflection leading to even cooler atmosphere.

You Can Leverage On Its Cost-Effectiveness Any day, Any Time

Yes, it may be more expensive to purchase a metal roof than others, but it is your best choice to save cost on the long run as their enduring duration and low maintenance demand have made this possible. 

You Have Variety To Choose From

Ranging from colors to patterns, you can make a choice on the roof that best suits your taste and the design of your building.

It is also important to know that because of their energy efficiency and ability to minimize your home’s carbon impact, metal roofs are environmentally-suiting. Use anywhere and they and your home will breathe a sigh of relief, you also.

You Don’t Want To Play Down On Safety With Metal Roofing

Trust metal roofs to resist any fire outbreaks as they have hindering components that ensure no dangers are able to break into your home no matter the gravity. This means that your safety is guaranteed, fire or not! However, it is important to note that if your metal roofing is installed over flammables, the fire resistance level of your room can and in fact will be dropped. We advise you to be sure your Installer really knows the job.

Oh, Metal Roofs Are So Lightweight!

It is so interesting to know that amidst the other benefits of metal roofing mentioned above, they are incredibly light – way lighter than many others! With this quality, installation is as quick and easy as the count of your fingers.

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Steel Roofing

Just as the name goes, the sheets of this roof are steel-crafted. This kind of metal roof lasts for a very long time, stands firm even in the harshest of weather conditions including heavy rains, hail, snow and wind. A major consideration to have in your mind as you go for a steel roof is that they are fire-resistant and have the capability of preventing a whole building from the effect of fire.

Another thing to love about the steel roof is that they have different varieties in patterns and styles. These include corrugated style, shingle, and standing seam.

A brick home with new replacement windows.

Colors are not exempted from the aesthetic advantages as you have a wide range of colors you could decide to paint your steel roof with. So, they not only do an overall fantastic job, they leave your home looking absolutely beautiful. You can run your aesthetics according to the style of your building. It is also important to note that the steel roof can fit into any kind of environment as more often than not, they are designed with materials that have undergone recycling, meanwhile, when they have served you optimally, they could still be recycled. This is as you so desire. 

Having said all, summarily, you should leverage the steel roof’s low maintenance requirement, strength, popularity and durability whether it is for residential, commercial or industrial purposes.    

Steel roofing can cost from $6 to $16 per square foot in materials only. Galvanised steel options are on the cheaper end of this spectrum while stainless steel material are on the more expensive end of this cost range.

Roofer putting down shingles on a roof.

Corrugated Galvanised Iron Roof

Also known as CGI, this is one of the most popular and commonly used metal roof materials. The beautiful reality about using the CGI is that it is not just suitable for a singular purpose like for residential alone or industrial alone, its design is such that it is appropriate for any kind of use as long as it is a building. Zinc-coated sheets of steel are used to make this versatile roof which makes prevention from corrosion absolutely possible and in fact achievable. Because the sheets are folded into ridges, they have an increased capacity to serve any building whatsoever. You can be sure you have very little or no risk of experiencing damage from very harsh weather conditions and the effects of heat as the corrugations of the CGI roof has a surface area larger than the average roof. 

Installing a CGI roof is very simple as its sheets are extremely light to handle and interestingly, they are cheap too. Maintenance? They do not need much to maintain at all, yet they really serve their purpose for a long time. However, be careful to pay attention to the little maintenance required as you would have to endure noise during rain and stormy seasons and could rust and get really bad overtime. So, be sure to keep maintenance in check. 

We advise you keep your CGI roof clear of every dirt to ensure guaranteed longevity. Carry out regular inspections. You must have a clear check routine to be sure your roof is free from damage. With this, if there are any ugly signs to pay attention to, they would be detected early so you can treat them before the state of your roof gets out of hand. Meanwhile, you would definitely extend the life of your CGI roof if it is properly and professionally installed. Installing your roof properly will guarantee you utmost protection for the long run. 

CGI roofs cost range from $7.50 per square foot to $10 per square foot in materials only. This cost range is relatively cheaper than other roofing materials.


Copper Roofs

Before you get to know anything else about the copper roof it is good you are first aware that its lifespan is 100 years on the minimum if installed and maintained properly. Expensive but worth every penny. Just as the other types of roofs mentioned above, the copper roof can be recycled which automatically means it can fit into any kind of environment at all.

It is corrosion-resistant and yes, attractive too.

One unique feature the copper roof has over the others is that after some time it creates a patina that is natural, usually green or brown to bring up a layer that protects the roof and aid anti-aging and the process of weathering. Go for copper roof now.

A good budget for copper roof material cost is $15 to $30 per square foot. However, depending on the grade of copper used, it can cost up to $50 or more per square foot. Copper roofing materials are not cheap due to the price of copper in general. Be sure you get a quality and certified installation professional as well.

Roof on house with damaged shingles.
Roofing contractor working on homeowners roof.

Aluminum Roofs

Aluminum is a very popular material for metal roof installation due to its lightweight nature and the fact that it does not rust. It also has a long life span which makes it an appealing option for many, as well as the ability to be recycled. Aluminum roofs are also available in various colors, giving you more options when choosing your roofing material.

The cost for aluminum roofing materials ranges from $3.50 to $12.50 per square foot, making it one of the cheaper roofing options available. Be sure to get a quality and certified installation professional as well.


Zinc Roofs

Zinc roofing is one of the more modern and popular types of roofing materials on the metal roof market. It has a very long lifespan, up to 100 years, and is extremely resistant to corrosion due to its ability to form a natural layer of protection against weather conditions. Zinc roofs are also available in various colors, making them even more appealing for homeowners.

The cost for zinc roofing materials ranges from $16 to $20 per square foot, making it one of the more expensive roofing options available. Be sure to get a quality and certified installation professional as well.

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Metal Tile Roof

Metal tile roof amidst the other great qualities that will be outlined as we go is that it has an interestingly long lifespan especially one that is properly installed and taken care of thereafter. The typical roofing material is nothing compared to the metal roof tile as it can last up to or even more than three times more (again, if properly installed and taken care of).

A typical metal tile roof as the name connotes is designed with metal tiles. Picture a A concrete tile for instance, you have pictured a metal tile roof. Because they are made from steel or aluminum, they are usually very light allowing for easy installation and long-run maintenance.

Seamless Gutters & Downspouts
Toledo, Ohio home with a new roof

Corrugated sheet metal roofing

Corrugated sheet metal roofing is a popular and cost-effective choice for many households and businesses. This type of metal roofing offers protection from the elements, while also being lightweight and relatively easy to install. It’s made up of panels that are installed in overlapping horizontal lines.

The cost for corrugated sheet metal roofing materials ranges from about $4 to $6 per square foot, making it one of the cheaper metal roofing options available. Be sure to get a quality and certified installation professional as well.

Their energy efficiency, durability and lovely physical appearance have made the metal tile roof to be widespread as more people are embracing its many benefits including bearing harsh weather conditions without faults and damages. 

Speaking of its aesthetical qualities, metal tile roofs have a bagful of colors and styles, giving building owners the opportunity to make choices from variety – one that can best suit the construct of your home or office. Beat down the cost of energy with this roof as you let it take in less heat for an overall cooler home especially summer times. 

Leverage on the all-round efficacy of a metal tile roof today!

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular due to their modern look and long lifespan. This type of metal roofing is made up of panels that run vertically, allowing for weather tight joints and improved drainage. It’s also resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal material for those in harsher climates.

The cost for standing seam metal roofing materials ranges from about $7 to $16 per square foot, making it one of the more expensive metal roofing options available. Be sure to get a quality and certified installation professional as well.

How To Measure Your Rooftop Space

Determining how much rooftop space you have is an extremely vital step you must take if you want to get the smoothest installation and/or alteration process ever and measuring the area intentionally is about the only reliable way to ensure hitches afterwards. So, study and diligently follow the steps below to properly measure your space:

Have A Clear & Long Enough Measure On You

How would you ever determine your rooftop space like the Pro that you are without a measure tape? Sounds like a big joke doesn’t it? A tape is necessary to get the exact length and width of your space – Emphasis on “exact”. You don’t want to guess on this one as it would disrupt your entire roofing process. Then of course, let the tape be long enough to reach the different ends of your rooftop and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to have your markers and notepad with you also. 

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Carefully Ascertain Your Rooftop Shape

There is no ignoring this step as knowing the shape of your rooftop will help you decipher how best to measure the area with accuracy. Determine if your rooftop is triangular, rectangular, square or even irregular-shaped. Is it sloped or relatively flat? This is for starters. 

Determine Your Measurement Area & Do Your Measurement

You need to determine any area of your choice on the rooftop you’d like to measure. Ensure to take a whole trip round the space to guarantee accuracy in your measurement. From one extreme of your rooftop to another end, measure a length and width until all is covered. Just ensure you start from one end all the way to the very opposite in both cases (length and width). For ease of measurement, do it section by section and pen the details down either in metres or feet. It is way easier this way.

Multiply Your Length By Your Width

At this stage, you should have accurate figures for your length and width section by section. Multiply both figures for each section to ascertain their area. If a section is 40 feet by 50 feet, this would sum up to a total area of 2000 for that section, that is 40 × 50.

Do An Addition Of All The Areas

Section by section sum them up to determine the overall area of your rooftop. Take for an instance you have four sections having 300, 400 and 200 feet each, adding them up would give you 900 which becomes your rooftop’s overall area. It is this simple.

Consider All Obstacles (If Any)

You definitely cannot ignore this step if you want to get the best results from your measurement exercise. Obstacles like vents and chimneys should be taken into close cognisance and subtract their area from your overall figure. 

Be rest assured that you will get the best results as long as you follow these steps carefully. It is not exactly tasking however, requires your utmost focus and attention. Congratulations in advance!

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Vitals To Consider Before Budgeting For A Metal Rooftop

Appropriate Kind of Materials & Fasteners 

There are a number of materials and fasteners you could use to put the panels for your metal roof in place but before you go for any you should consider major factors including but not limited to the kind of metal, the roof’s design, its lifespan and general weather conditions of the place. 

You may also need to consult a professional to recommend the best materials and fasteners, don’t be in a hurry. Meanwhile, some of the most popular materials include Zinc, Aluminum, Steel and Copper. The cost of these fasteners will vary but you should go for the best quality and that which is most cost-effective in the long run.

Fasteners include Invisible Fasteners, Clips, Rivets and Screws

They all have their benefits, just be sure to consult with a professional to recommend the most appropriate materials and fasteners for your rooftop. Where fasteners are exposed, they should be of a quality grade to guarantee their strength and longevity and this will add to the cost of the roofing installation.

Weatherproofing and Ventilation

Weatherproofing your metal rooftop should be a major consideration for budgeting cost of metal roofs. You may need to add sealants like silicone or any other material that can help protect against moisture, snow, wind and rain as well as extreme temperatures. Most importantly, ensure your metal rooftop is properly ventilated too. This will help maintain the temperature of your building, reduce cost for heating and cooling, and also prevent condensation.

Additional Cost of Existing Roofing Removal

Removing existing roof will add to the overall cost of your metal roof installation. You will need to take this into account before budgeting for its installation. Depending on the kind of existing rooftop, roofing removal could cost anywhere between $1 and $5 per square foot.

Inspection and Repairs

It is important that you have a professional inspect your rooftop prior to installing the metal roof. This would help identify any underlying issues and make repairs accordingly. Such costs should be factored in your overall budgeting before installation commences.

Roof Pitch and Roof Slope

The roof pitch and roof slope you choose for your metal rooftop can also increase the cost of its installation. Careful consideration should be taken before budgeting with regards to the pitch and slope you might want to install. A roof pitch can increase cost because the steeper it is, the more materials will be needed to cover it.

Metal Gauge

The thickness of the roofing material you select, knowns as the metal gauge, can also affect your overall budget. Thicker metal roofs cost more than thinner ones and are typically used for higher pitches or slopes.


A big portion of your roofing budget is the cost of professional roofing contractors. Labor costs can be reduced if you choose to do some of the work yourself but it is important that you are confident in your skills before embarking on such a task. However, this is discouraged as additional costs may be incurred overall due to problems that may result from improper installation. You should expect to pay an hourly rate anywhere from $25-$45 per hour depending on the contractor you hire and their level of expertise.


Underlayment is required when a metal rooftop is installed. This acts as a barrier between the roof and the building, protect it against water damages, and also helps prevent heat loss in cold climates. The cost of the underlayment will vary depending on the material used but typically range from $0.50 – $1 per square foot depending on quality and type of material used

Roof decking

The roof decking or roof framing is the part of your roof that provides a base for your metal rooftop. The cost of this material will vary depending on the type and size of the decking used. It can range from $1.00 to $4 per square foot and should be taken into consideration when budgeting for your metal roof installation.

Soffits and fascia

Aesthetic additions to your roofing such as soffits and fascia may also increase your budget. Soffits are the covering for the underside of eaves and fascias cover the edges of roofs. They can be made from various materials and their cost will depend on the quality, size and type of material used.

Overall, there are many factors to consider when it comes to budgeting for your metal roof installation. While the cost can be expensive, it is an investment that will pay off in the long run. Metal roofs are more durable than traditional asphalt shingles and require far less maintenance over time. Investing in a quality metal rooftop now could save you money down the road.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Movement, deflection, rusty surface, issues with fasteners and holes are some of the commonest causes of leakage on roof. Also, debris accumulation and improper installation can lead to leaks.

When purchasing a metal roof, you should consider the durability, weather resistance, fire rating, energy efficiency and noise level. It is also important to check whether the material complies with local building codes and has appropriate warranties. Additionally, you should research the contractor you intend to hire to ensure they are experienced and reputable.

Asphalt shingles are known to be the most budget-friendly option and cost considerably less than metal roofs. However, metal roofs are more durable and require far less maintenance over time which can save you money in the long run. Additionally, metal roofs are more energy efficient which may be a consideration when looking at up front costs. So, while asphalt roofing is cheaper with respect to initial costs, metal roofs are cheaper when everything is considered: lifespan, maintenance costs, energy efficiency and durability.

The most cost effective metal roof will depend on a variety of factors such as location, type of material and size. However, the most commonly used materials for metal roofs are aluminum, steel, copper and zinc. Aluminum roofs tend to be the most cost-effective option but still offer durability and longevity. Steel is slightly more expensive than aluminum but offers greater strength. Copper and zinc are more expensive than other options but offer superior weather resistance and performance.

The cost of metal roofing can be a deterrent for some homeowners, however it is an investment that can pay off in the long run. Metal roofs are more durable than traditional asphalt shingles and require far less maintenance over time. Investing in a quality metal rooftop now could save you money down the road. Additionally, metal roofs offer superior fire resistance and energy efficiency which can be beneficial to your wallet. Therefore, metal roofs are worth the extra cost if you plan on staying in your home long term.