Vinyl Siding – Installation Services in Toledo, Ohio

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding - Installation Services in Toledo, OhioVinyl siding can completely change the character of your home, simply by installing Vytec siding. Like banisters, wainscoting, and porch rails, vinyl siding comes in a variety of shapes. Some have deeper overlaps or ridges, such as Dutchlap panels. Others are made to “sit” closer to the exterior wall surface for a slimmer profile, like vertical panels, clapboard styles, and Vytec Shakes.

Vytec shingles allow you to design an exterior which will reflect your sense of style. You can accent a dormer or cover your whole house. Enjoy the virtually maintenance-free performance and durability. Contact ProCraft Home Products today for a free estimate for your home. Call us at 419.475.9600.

Traditional Siding


Traditional, also called clapboard style, is the profile most often chosen by homeowners. Each “board” appears to overlap the one below it, creating the look of wood siding. Traditional panels “set” closer to the exterior wall for a slimmer profile.
Specialty Siding

Specialty Siding

The shakes mimic the look of wood siding with square-edged vertical lines and the texture of cedar. They can be used on an entire home or for accent on larger homes for spectacular visual contrast.
Dutchlap Siding


Dutchlap profiles are similar to bevel style, but with the addition of a sharply angled bevel directly underneath each “overlap.” This gives the siding softer shadow lines and a more distinctive look.
Triple Three Siding

Triple Three

Triple 3 is a version of Traditional Siding. The vinyl siding hearkens back to an era when grand homes were crafted by artisans and quality workmanship reflected pride. Narrow board siding has the appeal of freshly painted panels. The charm of a natural wood look with the convenience of modern materials.

Looking at small samples, there may appear to be little difference between profile choices. When installed on walls one or two stories high, the differences will be dramatic.